The Last Dinosaur

Dodge incoming meteor as the Last Dinosaur on planet Earth. Start playing online! No Download. Many more free games....

About The Last Dinosaur

The Last Dinosaurs is a classic arena shooter featuring dinosaurs and a plethora of cats. Your race has spent a long time underground, but it is now time to fight the cats' reign. Jump from one platform to the next, collecting useful power-ups and health packs along the way to see how far you can get.

Your enemies will attack you from all sides, and you will be able to defeat them with your arsenal of weapons. To become unstoppable, upgrade your weapons, abilities, and team. In the store, you can purchase missiles, coin magnets, shields, grenades, and other items.

Scientists have proven that dinosaurs were not extinct billions of years ago. Our planet is home to some dinosaurs. If you don't believe me, check out this action game created by Kongregate. You have the opportunity to join them on their exciting adventures. Many villains are pursuing them, and you must assist them in surviving. Run, jump, and shoot everyone in your path. The bad guys will not give up easily, so you must use all of your skills to win and stay alive. Each subsequent level will be more difficult. To become more powerful, you must purchase upgrades and new guns. Are you prepared for a bloody battle? Do whatever you can to survive and eliminate all enemies. Demonstrate your identity to everyone.

How to play The Last Dinosaur

Using Mouse

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