Dino Game

Dino Game (Chrome Dino) - Start game with the T-Rex Dinosaur: Jump, dodge, and run to survive in the desert. No internet? No problem!

About Dino Game

Dino Game (Chrome Dino Game) or T-Rex Runner, the legendary endless running game on Google Chrome, has become an addictive game for nearly a decade...

Chrome Dino Game has more than 270 million players per month according to the latest figures. It was originally an offline browser game where you control a tyrannosaur overcoming obstacles on an endless journey across the fascinating desert.

Is a game that is incorporated on Google Chrome every time the line "no internet connection" appears. It seems like a simple game, but it has a significantly large fan base around.

dino game

How to play Dino Game?

The goal is simple

You will play as an adorable dinosaur and go back to prehistoric times in Dino Game. Try to overcome the desert of obstacles such as cacti, and Pteranodon, and win easter egg rewards.

Chrome Dino Game’s Control

  • Use the Space Bar/Up Arrow key to make the dinosaur jump over obstacles.
  • Press the Down Arrow key to make the dinosaur duck under the flying pterodactyls.

Important rules:

Survive as long as possible to achieve the highest score possible. The highest maximum score a player can achieve is 17 million years, corresponding to when Dinosaurs existed on Earth.

The speed of the game will gradually increase over time. The game will immediately end when the T-Rex character touches any obstacle.

When you reach 700 points, the game graphics will continuously change from a white background to a black background, symbolizing the time transition between day and night.

Dino Game History

Chrome Dino Game was officially launched in September 2014, by the Chrome user experience team. The author team includes Edward Jung, Sebastien Gabriel, and Alan Bettes. The character has many names such as Dino game, Chrome Dino game, T-rex Runner, or also has a special name "Lonely T-Rex".

The creative team wanted to simulate losing an internet connection like taking you back to the pre-dinosaur era with an endlessly peaceful desert countryside scene. Therefore, users have the opportunity to enjoy a boring time by entertaining with T-Rex Runner.

Since then, Dino Game has continuously been updated with many new features, including adding interesting obstacle features and developing widgets for iOS 14 and Android users.

How to play Dino Game

  • Use the Space Bar/Up Arrow key to make the dinosaur jump over obstacles.
  • Press the Down Arrow key to make the dinosaur duck under the flying pterodactyls.

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