Jumping Joe

Jumping Joe is a platform game, very fun and challenging. Help Joe to reach the end of the level. Click to jump or tap the screen. Collect the stars and...

About Jumping Joe

What is Jumping Joe?

In this joyful pick 'n play platformer, you may dive right into the action. An indie action game ideal for intense play sessions with friends and family. Assist Joe and his pals in their upward adventure. Dodge screaming cannonballs, deadly bats, and other traps with lightning speed.

In Jumping Joe, you can soar to new heights. Joe is a vertical non-stop platformer that will have you jumping out of the stratosphere!



  • Once you begin running, you must continue until you either exit the stage or collide with a spike and perish.
  • When you run against the side of a platform or a wall, you shift directions.


  • You can jump while standing on a platform or after falling off.
  • You can double jump in this game by jumping twice quickly or by pressing jump once and then jumping again.
  • When you jump, make sure you don't bang your head on the side of another platform, otherwise, you'll change directions.
  • Some jumps necessitate precise timing in order to change directions mid-jump and land on different platforms.


  • You will perish if you come into contact with any of the spikes.
  • When you die, the game allows you to restart the level you were playing.


  • This game features 21 levels that are unlocked in a consecutive order.
  • You can replay any beat level at any moment to try to get a higher star rating.

How to play Jumping Joe

Using Mouse

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