Great Dino Rush: Flintstone

Great Dino Rush is a fun running and avoid game where you play as a dinosaur from the Flintstone animated tv show. Start playing online! No Download. Many...

About Great Dino Rush: Flintstone

What is Great Dino Rush?

The Great Dino Rush is a new game in our website's The Flintstones Games category, also known as Giant Dino Run, in which the pink dinosaur of this prehistoric family will take center stage in an endless running and jumping game online that we are confident you will enjoy thoroughly, as this character only elevates the format to new heights of fun!

Great Dino Rush is a fun running and avoiding game in which you play as a dinosaur from the cartoon television show The Flintstones.

Game Rules

To change lanes, use the right and left arrow keys, jump over barriers by pressing the up arrow, and slip underneath others by hitting the down arrow. Make sure not to strike them too often, because losing all of your lives means losing the game.

As you rush forward, grab as many bones as you can to boost your score, but also cookies, because when you fill-up the cookie bar, your special power to convert into a tornado will activate, causing you to whirl around and smash anything in your path. Isn't it cool?

There is no end to the road, as you can keep advancing until you lose all of your lives, which we hope will not happen, but instead, you will beat high scores and use the bones to buy upgrades for the dino, making the experience even better!

How to play Great Dino Rush: Flintstone

Using Mouse

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