Geometry Jumping

Geometry jump is platform jumping game where you can choose some of yours favorite character to play with it. You need to jump through geometry shapes...

About Geometry Jumping

What is Geometry Jumping?

Geometry Jumping is one of the fastest games, and you will never obtain a good score if you are not prepared for the strong action that the game provides. Geometry Jump's primary premise is simple: explore the landscape by hopping on platforms spaced at regular intervals. At a glance, you can tell that these platforms are separated by varying distances, and this is the main thing to keep an eye out for in Geometry Jumping because you must quickly adapt to these distances and choose whether to jump a longer or shorter distance.

Game Rules

The goal of this game is to get through the levels' numerous obstacles, which are represented as shapes. Square blocks, spiky triangular blocks, and even liquid pools are among the hurdles. The only controls you have are to jump and put flags as you progress through the game, overcoming each barrier as you go. If you collide with a block, you will restart the level from the beginning unless you set a flag before you die. Flags symbolize your checkpoint, where you can respawn. Use your ten flags with prudence, as you can only use them once per game.

Geometry Jumping is playable using a keyboard. If you click the right arrow or the S key, your character will perform a long jump, while pressing the left arrow or the A key will cause your character to conduct a tiny jump. When playing on a mobile device, pressing on the left side of the screen causes the box to make a tiny jump, while pressing on the right side of the screen causes the box to make a long jump.

How to play Geometry Jumping

Using Mouse

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