Dino Squad Adventure 3

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About Dino Squad Adventure 3

Here's the third installment of Dino Squad, a fantastic adventure game in which you control two trusty dinosaurs. Enemies are waiting for you and will do anything to stop you. The goal of the game is to collect all of the golden coins and reach the level's end. Because you get three health points, you should ideally lose one. You can play by yourself or with a friend. The game can be completed without the assistance of a friend, but it is obviously more difficult.

This time, the dinos are off on a different adventure. You will not be playing in a specific area; instead, you will be playing in a large area and attempting to reach the exit door by collecting gold and destroying monsters. Because you will need the assistance of your squad in some areas, you should play cooperatively. Let the dinosaurs set the tone for the adventure!

How to play Dino Squad Adventure 3

Using Mouse

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