Dino Run Marathon of Doom

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About Dino Run Marathon of Doom

What is Dino Run: Marathon of Doom?

In the Dino Run: Marathon of Doom game, an apocalyptic world is evolving, similar to the Zombie Tsunami Online game. Volcanoes erupt continuously, threatening the extinction of dinosaurs. You must assist your dinosaur in escaping from this ash rock before it collapses on him. When the dinosaur gets crushed by rocks and ashes, the game is over.

When the sky becomes red, it signals the dinosaurs are in peril. To avoid being impacted by the volcanic ash, you must leave this location as soon as possible. Furthermore, you must pay attention to the rocks that fly out of the volcano in this location. These rocks do not instantly kill your dinosaur, but they do reduce its running pace. The dinosaur's speed decreases as it approaches the slopes. To move quicker, you must jump higher. When the dinosaur reaches the blue sky area, it will be safe. You can take your time here. Let's play and save the dinosaurs from extinction.

Game Rules

The beginning is fairly straightforward. Your dinosaur must flee the pyroclastic Wall of Doom immediately, or it will perish. There are fewer obstacles at first, but as you go, the sky and scenery change, and more obstacles surface.

  • Run, jump, and claw your way through the approaching wall of horror.
  • Using the arrow keys/WASD, you can run, leap, and duck.
  • Every 20 seconds, the Shift key offers a boost. Isn't it simple?

How to play Dino Run Marathon of Doom

Using Mouse

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