Dino Jump

Play Dino Jump for free online at Kizi! Leap from one platform to the next with your cute little dinosaurs and dragons, and try not to fall into the water....

About Dino Jump

Help your cute dinosaur friend jump forward without falling into the water. Perform a single or double jump to stay on top of the platform. Collect time bonuses to keep the timer from running out. Jump as fast as possible to get your name to the top of the leaderboard.

Dino Jump is a game based on the popular Dino Game. You can run and do quests indefinitely! Investigate the new graphics and features of the game. With familiar vintage pixel visuals and new obstacles, you must work hard to overcome them. Jump over various shrubs to guide your dinosaur. If you avoid Pterodactyl, you may come across a variety of species populations.

Laugh at the T-Rex's stumbles when it encounters an obstruction. Spending time with Dino Jump will provide you with wonderful, peaceful moments. Shield, Double Jump, and Super Jump can also be obtained to perform even more powerful and extended jumps. That can take you a long way!

How to play Dino Jump

Using Mouse

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