Day D: Tower Rush

D Day: Rush Tower is a tower defense game wich was first released on Playstation Vita. The game is set in prehistoric times, in the reign of the dinosaurs....

About Day D: Tower Rush

What is Day D: Tower Rush?

Day D: Tower Rush is our free mobile game with a historical theme that will captivate your mind. Would you be defeated in a battle against dinosaurs if you only looked at the Jurassic period? On one side, you have technocratic creatures, while on the other, there are constantly appearing wild terrestrial vertebrates. Could you imagine those things happening in a Tower Defence free mobile html5 game? Now it's your turn to build towers wisely, gather resources, harness the power of technological progress, and transport yourself to the future! Enjoy your game and try to get back to the present!


  • Future technologies against fossilized species!
  • Fight against tens of thousands of foes!
  • Fearsome weapons and one-of-a-kind opponents!
  • Fantastic game balance!
  • Demonstrate your dominance!


In this game, you will travel back in time to the age of dinosaurs. Your task is to construct several towers in the tower defense style that will protect you from these dangerous animals. Their number will continue to grow, so you must constantly improve your defense.

How to play Day D: Tower Rush

Using Mouse

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