Poor Bunny

Poor Bunny is a difficult game of carrot collecting with numerous obstacles and traps to avoid. Will you be able to survive in a perilous planet full of swiftly moving traps?

About Poor Bunny

What is Poor Bunny?

Bunny is in a bad way! Is a fun scoring chaser in which you control a small bunny who must eat all of the delectable carrots while avoiding the swiftly coming traps. How long can you hold out before succumbing to exhaustion? Unlock and play as more than 50 different bunnies!

Game Rules

Play alone in single-player mode, with a friend in Co-Op mode, or battle to see who can eat the most carrots in Versus mode!

Will you be able to survive a perilous planet full of sharp-moving traps while grabbing delectable carrots that will occur at random throughout the stage?

How long will you be able to keep going without getting utterly exhausted? Jump nonstop, guard your back, avoid countless traps, unlock over 100 different bunnies thanks to your excellent effort, and have fun!


How to play Poor Bunny

  • Player 1: WASD – Move / Jump
  • Player 2: Arrow Keys – Move / Jump

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