Jumping Flappy Bear

Play flap bear game with flappy type, tap to jump and fly bear to avoid pipes. Now, challenge with the best bear flying game is here. Let patience to...

About Jumping Flappy Bear

Tap to leap and fly bear to dodge pipes in this flappy style game. The best bear flying game is now available for challenge. Allow patience to create a goal. Could you fly, tiny bear, and strive to beat your friends on Google LeaderBoard? Keep tapping to keep the small bearie fluttering its wings. Tap on your phone screen to keep the little bearie flapping its tiny wings! Don't let the tweety bear fall or come into contact with the pipes. This is a flappy game in which you must keep the tiny bear flying without collapsing or touching the obstacles. It's quite difficult to play, but it's really addictive and entertaining! 

Could you assist this adorable little twitty bear in soaring through this perilous zone? You make the call! The FREE fun and fresh form of flapping bear game that you've been waiting for is Flying Bear. The game control is straightforward and responsive, making it more pleasurable to play. Other flapper games require you to tap to maintain the small bearie flapping its flying wings. So why not give it a shot? It's an endless play game. You have unlimited time to play.

How to play Jumping Flappy Bear

Using Mouse

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